Salon Spa Night

As the Fall semester comes to an end, we are releasing a series of news articles in our CCTC: A Semester in Review Series.  Without further adieu, view the article below.

CCTC’s Cosmetology Salon Spa Night Rejuvenates the Community

After school on November 17th, CCTC’s Cosmetology Department invited members of the community to enjoy services from its students.  Participating Cosmetology students provided limited services to community members by appointment in an effort to showcase services available at the CCTC Salon.  These services included:

Shampoo Blow dry and Style (flat or curling iron)

Shampoo Blow dry and Style with Haircut

Dry Haircut




Waxing/Hair Removal (eyebrows, lip, chin, ears)

Christine Wright, Cosmetology Instructor shared “On behalf of the cosmetology department, I want to personally thank everyone who attended and or morally supported our "Spa Night" event last night. It was a huge success! Without the support of the community we would not have been able to provide our students with real world experiences they so desperately need to be successful in the field of cosmetology. Your patience and encouragement during your spa service did more to build confidence in our students than you will ever know. We could not have done this without you.”

The other half of the Cosmetology department, Kristi Hall added “I would like to echo Mrs. Wright's appreciation. We saw so much growth in their professionalism and confidence last night, thanks to all of you supporting them. The benefits they get out of these types of opportunities are immeasurable. We appreciate all of your support and so do our students. Thank you and we look forward to doing this again.”

Principal and CTE Supervisor Courtney Handte added “"Spa Night in CCTC Cosmetology was a huge success!  The customers enjoyed their services and students had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have been learning while in the Careers in Cosmetology Program of Study.  Spa Night also allowed them a great opportunity to work on their professionalism/employability skills.  Thank you, Caroline County community, for all of your support and making the evening a success!"

With both happy clients and service providers, CCTC’s Cosmetology Salon will definitely plan to schedule another Spa Night in the near future.  Use the following link to view pictures from the event - Link here