Dart Board Cabinets

As the Fall semester comes to an end, we are releasing a series of news articles in our CCTC: A Semester in Review Series.  Without further adieu, view the article below.

AMP Students Dart Board Cabinets Hit The Mark

November 8th, CCTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Professionals program invited industry partners and administrators to the classroom to pitch their ideas for manufacturing Dart Board Cabinets.  Each student presented their ideas in an oral presentation utilizing a Mood Board as a visual.  Guests were encouraged to ask students clarifying questions and comment on potential barriers or hiccups to production.

Student presenters included:

Bailey Bodine, Nathan D’Orlando, Alex De La Cruz-Martinez, Conner Detrich, David Kalinowski, Jordan Kelley, Dakota Kinsey, Taylor Layton, Nathan Lukacsina, Shelby MacFarland, Noah Mathis, Dylan Moody, Elijah Mullins, Brandon Phelps and Nathanael Robinson.

Business Guests included:

Donna DiGiacomo - Caroline County Board of Education

Frank Bartz - Commissioners Fleet

Clement Hathaway - Retired Farm Credit Loan Officer

Joe Anderson - CTS

Brooke Schumm - Levingann P.A.

Alan Stein - Tanglewood

Upon completion of the presentations, all students and guests voted for their favorite design.  This projects winning design was from Shelby MacFarland and her beach themed window cabinet.  Her design is in production by the AMP students and a follow up presentation to the same partners and administrators.

CCTC Principal Courtney Handte said "This project and accompanying presentations give students an opportunity to show off their creativity and skills to local manufacturers and businesses.  It's also an opportunity for networking and making professional connections."  

While manufacturing the cabinets, students used the CNC machine to create pockets that were later filled with color epoxy.  On Shelby McFarland design, the cabinet doors and beach scene were hand-painted and then the window pockets were filled with clear epoxy to resemble windows.  Instructor Keith Hale commented “It was a great project and the results speak for themselves.”  Reinforcing his assessment, all dart boards were sold by the second presentation.

Use the following link to view the designs - Link Here.