The Caroline Career and Technology Center (CCTC) collaborated with North Caroline High School’s 9th Grade Academy.  9th grade students toured through all 16 CTE programs of study for student led presentations.  Teacher Academy in Maryland (TAM) students partnered with 9th Grade Academy teachers to guide students through the different locations.  Huge thank you to TAM Tour Guides Faith Wright, Lindsay Sullivan, Lexi Tuttle, Maddi Meiklejohn, Zelie Lannon, Maddie Hurwitz and Allysia Smith.

CCTC Principal and CTE Supervisor Courtney Handte exclaimed “We are so happy to be afforded the opportunity to give 9th grade students from North Caroline High School information regarding our CTE programs of study.  Big shout out to our student leaders who presented to the groups.  Way to be R.E.A.D.Y. by showing the freshman class how to be Employable, Aware and Dependable.”

9th Grade Academy School Counselor Tricia Bolduc added “This is one of the benefits of having a 9th Grade Academy this year.  By having this group, we can provide targeted support to students who need it after several years of instruction impacted by COVID.  We were so happy to partner with CCTC on this event and provide tours for students that did not experience them last year.”

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