Students at Computer

Earlier this week, Computer Science Essentials teachers Mason deHénaut and Sierra Davey teamed up for students to develop and present an application or “app” to their peers, teachers and administrators.  Sierra Davey said  "for this project, students design their codes through an iterative process, in which they brainstorm, determine an end-goal, design a layout, and figure out what computer science concepts their codes will need to include, before finally executing their plan.”  Once completed, the exhibit ran during 1st, 2nd and 4th period on April 18th in the auditorium lobby.  Here, students provided demonstrations and reflections of how their mobile applications were designed and created.  "The project is less about the app itself and more about the planning/development process. Student's are not judged on technical capability, but rather whether they can follow the process and work together to create something" stated Mason deHénaut.  These 21st century skills go a long way in students' success in high school and beyond.  Sierra Davey added “throughout this process, students developed numerous transferable skills, including providing and utilizing peer-feedback, collaboration, planning, professionalism, and engaging stakeholders, all of which can be used in future career and educational settings. Our students have risen to the challenge and created a variety of mobile applications from exciting video games to practical tools for daily use."

Event photos may be viewed on the CCTC Flickr page.