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On March 4th, North Caroline High School CTE Computer Science students traveled to Bethesda, Maryland to participate in Lockheed Martin's CyberQuest, an international Capture the Flag competition.  The team consisted of seniors Christopher Ireland and Joey Turner and Junior Will Johnson.  Teams from across the state attempted to complete various cybersecurity tasks designed by professionals at Lockheed Martin, receiving points based on the difficulty of the task. Challenges included multi-step intrusion scenario, steganography, reverse engineering, full OS hacks, packet capture, web exploits, social engineering, and cybersecurity awareness.  This was NCHS's first time participating in this event and the team achieved 4th place.  Mrs. Yoxall, NCHS CTE Teacher and team coach shares, "I couldn't be more proud of how well everyone performed. They completed the cybersecurity course in January and were excited for the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. They worked hard to prepare in the weeks leading up to the competition and although they did not rank in the top three, they left the competition with more confidence in their own talents.

On April 22nd, six more NCHS Computer Science students will be competing at the Bethesda location for the CodeQuest competition, which focuses on various programming challenges. These students include Jacob Hoover, Will Johnson, Tristan Ross, Riley Schall, Joey Turner and Alex Wormuth.