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The EMR Fire and Rescue program will be taught by certified instructors from the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute of the University of Maryland. Both classroom and practical sessions will be conducted off school property at the Upper Eastern Shore Regional Training Center of the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute. Students must enroll in Emergency Medical Care and Firefighter I first semester, and Engine Company Fireground Operations (ECFO) and Truck Company Fireground Operations/Rescue Technician Site Operations/Vehicle Technician Extrication (TCFO/RTSO/VME) second semester. These courses are offered during second and third periods throughout the year. 


Operating as members of the Fire and Rescue service requires good health and physical condition. Individuals with physical or medical conditions that limit their full and active participation may not be eligible for this program. Note: Must be a member of a local fire department and at least 16 years old. A Medical Clearance by a certified physician will be required for all participants before school starts. Failure to comply will result in a denial of entry to the program. Once the program is completed in May, students may be assigned to a local firehouse under the supervision of the Fire Chief for the remainder of the school year. 


Recommendation: Students are highly encouraged to complete Principles of Biomedical Sciences and Human Body Systems before applying to this program.


  • Is it the right fit for me?


    A career as a firefighter and/or emergency medical responder is a great career for people who want to serve their community and help people. You must be brave, good under pressure, compassionate, reliable, good at teamwork, and physically fit. These careers require working long shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays. At times, these jobs can be dangerous so it’s important to be diligent and follow all safety precautions.

  • Careers in the field

    Careers in the field include:

    • Firefighter
    • Wildland Firefighter
    • Paramedic
    • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
    • Flight Paramedic 
    • Emergency Responder
    • U.S. Military

    These are just a few examples! Discuss additional career paths with your School Counselor or CCTC's Counselor.

Course Descriptions

CTE Completer Requirements:  Complete the sequence of courses below and pass all tests with a minimum of 70%

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These courses are instructed off-site at the Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute of the University of Maryland. The CCTC contact for interested students is Brad Plutschak, School Counselor: