CCTC Student Delivers a “Cup Full of Sunshine”


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The Caroline County Public Library (CCPL) and Caroline Career and Technology Center’s (CCTC) AutoCADD students recently completed an exciting collaboration.  Cody Thompson, from the library, presented to students in Dennis Hall’s AutoCADD class.  Students learned about 3D printing and manufacturing processes, some of which are available for public use in the library’s Makerspace area.  Cody Thompson and Eric Cook, CTE Teacher Specialist, then “challenged” students to create a “token of appreciation” related to this year’s theme for CCTC, “Be The Sunshine”.

Once complete, students presented to the class for a vote on the best design.  The class nominated Haley Davis, a North Caroline High School Junior, as the winner.  When discussing the competition, Haley stated “our motto, (Be The Sunshine) inspired me to work hard because you should always be nice to someone, even if it’s for no reason!” Haley continued, “Winning the competition really reinforced and validated the skills I am learning in class”.

Haley then worked in collaboration with Cody on adjusting the design to convert the file between AutoCADD and the 3D printing software.  Cody and his team in the Makerspace area of the library printed the “Cup Full of Sunshine” for each staff member at CCTC.   Haley enjoyed presenting her token of appreciation to CCTC staff, noting “it’s the little things that show you you are appreciated. Being able to go around and see the staff’s reactions and being happy, made me happy.”

Reflecting on the event, Cody Thompson exclaimed “working with the students throughout this project was an absolute joy.  Seeing the interest, detail, and passion these kids put into their 3D designs was a blast.  Being a part of the process to bring their ideas into the physical world never gets old for me.  There are definitely some talented CADD designers in the group, and I’m excited to see what their future holds.”  CCTC Principal Courtney Handte added “It was really cool seeing Eric Cook, Dennis Hall and one of our community partners collaborate to support our students in a real world application of classroom concepts. I especially loved how students were competing in a rigorous competition using the skills they learn within their classroom.”