March News: Cosmetology


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The Cosmetology Department welcomed its new class of sophomore students. Twenty- six students from North Caroline, Colonel Richardson, and Easton High School have begun their studies in Mrs. Wright’s Principles and Practices class. They have been learning basic skills on professionalism and hairstyling. Having a new class has allowed the older class an opportunity to use some of the skills they have learned to get to know the new class. The Junior class gave the Sophomore class manicures and also used them as models to practice their fantasy/glamour makeup application. Everyone had a good time getting to know each other.

The Junior class has been perfecting their eyebrow and body waxing techniques. They had a great time practicing on each other, as well as using Mr. Cook and Mr. Smith as their test models.

Senior Jodie Griep of CRHS competed in the SkillsUSA Regional Competition at the Worcester Technical High School, on Wednesday February 12th. DeJahmir Camper from Easton High School, also a senior, was the model for Jodie, as she demonstrated her skills in daytime makeup and fantasy makeup. Both students gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from their experience and they are looking forward to all that this industry has to offer.

— Mrs. Kristi

CCTC Cosmetology Students