March News: CASE


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We welcomed a litter of crossbred piglets on Sunday, February 16th! Mabel farrowed 11 piglets. Our name theme this year was “FFA Members- Class of 2020”. Each piglet was named for an FFA member: Matt, Garret, Reilly, Ty, Lorna, Emmy, Adde, McKayla, Lena, and AJ. Sadly Piglet number eleven had a stressful entrance and fought a tough fight for life, but sadly surrendered. “Jada” passed away at one-day  old. However, she taught our students quite a bit about the important role iron plays in piglet nutrition. After all, what we do here at the Outdoor Agriculture Learning Facility is all for student’s learning and experiences. Students helped administer the iron/selenium shots, NutriDrench, and checked each piglet for overall health.

I would like to say, “Thank You”, to Mrs. Stacy Gardner and the Caroline County Recreation and Parks After School Program for helping set up the farrowing pen and making Mabel feel right at home. These students come to the OALF to learn about animals, shelter and feed; they did just that this month. They worked hard and learned how to prepare a farrowing pen, safety procedures to decrease disease and how to properly feed and care for a pregnant pig.

— Ms. Jodi Callahan

CCTC students with mother pig and new piglets