March News: Academy of Health Professions


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The Academy of Health Professions students are working hard learning new material and skills. The theory they have learned includes
infection control, legal and ethical concerns and students have started anatomy and physiology. They have learned many of the skills
needed for clinical and the GNA test. They are very busy practicing these skills so when they go to clinical they can take care of their
clients. It will take them both semesters of practicing skills to become proficient enough to pass that portion of the GNA.
As the students work through the skills and theory, students using the information in clinical is the goal. Clinical will begin in May
and will involve job shadowing at the hospital in Easton and taking care of clients at the Caroline Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in
Denton. By that time, they will be well prepared to take care of their residents.

Another exciting part of their semester is having a Character Counts coach. Leigh Marquess, RN as their coach. Ms. Marquess is the
director of the Wellness Promotions division at the Caroline County Health Department. Ms. Marquess brings a unique blend of
nursing experience and knowledge of Caroline County health issues. The students are grateful for the expertise she brings with her

If you would like any further information on the Academy of Health Professions program please contact Mrs. Eser at or by calling 410-479-0100.